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Manny Pangilinan’s Byahe To Buy 500 Modern Jeepneys

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Byahe, a modern jeepney service backed by Manny Pangilinan, recently revealed plans to purchase more than 500 vehicles for ₱1.5 billion.

By 2027, it is expected that at least 35 routes around the country will be using the fleet of new jeeps. The company’s CEO, Laurence Bahia, has stated that Byahe will acquire 100 new jeeps a year until they have a total of 500 by 2027.

40% of the fleet will consist of all-electric vehicles. The firm’s goal is to entice investors willing to take a chance on eco-friendly ventures.

Bahia likewise mentioned that Central Luzon and Metro Manila would be the primary deployment areas for these new-fangled jeepneys. Then, a few will hit the streets of Davao and Cebu’s major cities.

At the time of writing, Byahe’s updated jeepneys can be seen all around Metro Manila. The trip from Cubao to Divisoria and back is one of the most common it makes.

Byahe will be able to purchase new jeepneys and hire new drivers, thereby increasing employment opportunities. They will be guaranteed a bare minimum wage and will have a chance to earn additional compensation through overtime.

The corporation claims that drivers are eligible for four to five hours of daily overtime, which, if worked, would result in a net take-home compensation of almost ₱24,000.

The new directive to boost fairs issued by the Land Transportation Franchising and Regulatory Board (LTFRB) will be followed by Byahe beginning on October 3.

Former Grab PH CEO Brian Cu and IP Ventures CEO Enrique Gonzalez co-founded the service.

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