How Vivo V15 Pro’s cameras shoot great low-light photos


    Gone are the days when smartphone cameras can only take great-looking photos in midday. After a decade of hardware and software improvements, mobile photography has reached another level, carving the way for low-light photography. One good example of this case is the Vivo V15 Pro. Packing a triple-rear camera setup with the headlining 48MP sensor, this phone can literally do it all even during nighttime.

    Before, you have to learn how “Pro Mode” or Manual Mode works on smartphones, in order to achieve great low-light shots. Today, the tedious task of configuring each setting has turned into a process that happens all in the background. In other words, all the user needs to do is to “point and shoot”. But if you really want to get the best shot out of the Vivo V15 Pro, here’s what you need to do.

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    Steady, steady…

    Keep the phone steady. Having a tripod helps a ton, but not having one is fine. Lean on to something to reduce motion and put your hands closer to your chest. Go for a quick inhale, hold it for a little, then click. Oh, don’t forget to exhale (wink).

    Super Night Mode

    The only mode that you need to use is Super Night Mode. Make sure you have this feature turned on whenever shooting under low-light situations. It brings out more details on the shadows and boosts exposure on the highlights. Activating HDR or high dynamic range could also help in the process if you want to experiment a bit.


    Shoot in the presence of artificial lights

    One of the best ways to easily master low-light photography is by shooting in the presence of artificial lights. Using streetlamps or even vehicle headlights can provide dramatic shots for your social media feed.


    Learn “Pro Mode” for the best quality

    Although you can bypass “Pro Mode”, using it also means getting the most out of the camera. Learn to set your shutter speed, ISO, and exposure. With it, you can create smooth flowing water or trailing lights.


    The Vivo V15 Pro is already available nationwide at P23,999.

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