Did You Know AirPods’ Secret Hearing Aid Feature?

airpods’ hearing aid feature

The combination of Live Listen and AirPods transforms your iPhone into an AirPods’ secret hearing aid feature. You can put that to good or evil use as you see fit.

People with hearing loss can benefit from using the Live Listen feature. To your AirPods, it transmits whatever is being recorded by the iPhone’s (or iPad’s) microphone. If you are having problems hearing or comprehending, utilize this.

Leave your iPhone in the front of the room, and the sound will be transmitted to your AirPods, allowing you to listen to the lecture even if you’re seated far back. It is also helpful if you’re having trouble conversing due to background noise. You can have a more in-depth conversation by placing your iPhone across the table from the person you are speaking with and then using your headphones to boost your hearing. Amazing!

It can also be used maliciously. We don’t recommend leaving your iPhone in one room and listening in from another! For now, Live Listen only works with AirPods and Beats headphones.

How to use Live Listen with AirPods on iPhone and iPad?

  1. Tap Control Center in Settings.
  2. Tap Hearing’s green + sign under More Controls. (Live Listen requires Hearing in Control Center)
  3. Press the Hearing symbol in Control Center.
  4. Lastly, choose Live Listen to activate it.

And that’s the end of it! Pretty efficient and helpful, right? When Live Listen is turned on, a decibel meter will show you how loud the sound coming from your AirPods is. AirPods’ secret hearing aid feature.

As mentioned earlier, If you are not using the feature for a hearing aid, the Live Listen feature is not for malicious activities such as eavesdropping or snooping on others’ conversations.