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How to Stop iPhone Display Dimming

How to Prevent iPhone Display Dimming

If your iPhone's screen keeps getting darker, it's probably because it has features that change its colors or brightness based on how bright it...
Remove Personal Information Google

How to Remove Personal Information From Google Search Results?

In an era where our lives are increasingly intertwined with the digital world, a quick Google search can reveal more about us than we...
Computer Care

Computer Care and Maintenance Tips

Computers are complex machines with many delicate parts. If just one of these parts fails, the whole system can break down. To prevent this,...
Free Up RAM

Learn Simple Ways to Free Up RAM

Noticed your PC slowing down? Well, it could be due to high memory usage. Having more available RAM generally results in smoother PC performance. If...
Frequently Visited on iPhone

How to Remove Your Frequently Visited on iPhone

When you open a new tab in Safari on your iPhone, you see a list of websites you visit often called "Frequently Visited." As...
Reveal Hidden Chats in Microsoft Teams

How to Reveal Hidden Chats in Microsoft Teams

Hiding a chat in Microsoft Teams can pose a challenge as it essentially removes the conversation from the Chats section, making it somewhat difficult...
Recovering Data from Hard Drive

A Guide on Recovering Data from a Hard Drive

Worried about your deleted data from hard drive? Did you know that it is still possible to get back data that was lost on...
Auto Brightness iPhone

How to Disable Auto Brightness on Your iPhone

Despite the convenience of auto brightness on iPhones, there are instances when it doesn't quite align with your preferences. If you've ever felt the need...
iPhone Charging Issues

How to Resolve iPhone Charging Issues

If your iPhone isn't charging, it's easy to blame the charging port, right? I mean I do that too sometimes! But there could be...
How to Secure PhilHealth Data

How to Secure Data After PhilHealth Ransomware Attack

Some members of the Philippine Health Insurance Corporation (PhilHealth) have had their data compromised after a cyberattack in September, the agency said Monday as...