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COVID-19 Vaccine Requirements and Frequently Asked Questions in the Philippines

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While coronavirus vaccination is already underway in the Philippines, there are a few things to do first before you can get your vaccine. Although the cost of vaccination is shouldered by the nation’s government and is free to all, there are requirements to fulfill to take advantage of the program. In addition, we’re also going to talk about the frequently asked questions regarding the COVID-19 vaccine in the Philippines.

What are the requirements of the COVID-19 vaccine in the Philippines?

The first requirement is to have yourself registered or be included in the master listing created by the Department of Health (DOH) or your local government unit (LGU). In a separate article, you can check how to register for the COVID-19 vaccine master listing by tapping here.

Once registered, the second requirement is ANY government-issued identification card, such as a PRC license, driver’s license, UMID, PhilHealth ID, or passport. In case an individual does not have a government ID with a photo, any other government document, such as cedula, barangay certificate, or birth certificate may be presented.

To recap, the only two requirements to get the COVID-19 shot are fulfilled master list registration and a valid government ID. So, what happens after completing the requirements? Well, you wait.

Frequently Asked Questions About COVID-19 Vaccine

1. When Can I Get Vaccinated?

The DOH released its Vaccination Prioritization Framework wherein the frontline workers and senior citizens are prioritized first. You can see the full list by tapping here. So even if you’ve completed the requirements, the LGU will prioritize first the people who’re most vulnerable to the virus. That brings us to the next question.

2. How Will the Vaccinees Be Notified of Their Vaccination Schedule?

The LGU or zones will determine the scheduling for vaccination and should notify its population when the vaccine is available already. The Vaccine Information Management System (VIMS) platform shall be used for scheduling, notifying, and reminding individuals of their scheduled vaccination.

Note: The Vaccine Information Management System – Immunization Registry (VIMS-IR) is used only for master listing and as the registry of the eligible population. Health facilities and vaccination centers upload their data or line list of those who were vaccinated to the VIMS – Vaccine Administration System (VAS).

3. Will Masterlisting Be Done Online? How Will Those Without Access to the Internet Be Included?

Health facilities and LGUs will then submit required data online through VIMS-IR, any information system linked to VIMS-IR, or physical forms for areas without connectivity. The forms are to be consolidated by the Human Resource Office of the facility and submitted to LGUs for encoding and submission to CHDs.

In case your area doesn’t support online registration, check out the note section below.

Note: Local government units (LGUs) are in charge of master listing or profiling. For other groups under eligible populations, detailed guidelines shall be developed and disseminated accordingly.

4. What Is the Required Age for Vaccination?

This will depend on the vaccine. For those currently available, Sinovac can be given to clinically healthy individuals 18 to 59 years old, while AstraZeneca can be given to those 18 years old and above, including senior citizens.

DOH shall develop a Department Memorandum for every COVID vaccine to be deployed in the country and this DM shall indicate the target or recommended age groups per vaccine.

5. Why Are Children Not Included in the Eligible Groups to Be Vaccinated?

Results from Phase II and Phase III trials of COVID-19 vaccines are currently insufficient for the pediatric age group (<18 yrs old), limiting health experts from formulating any recommendations. Further studies will help in the future inclusion of children for vaccination.

If you want to learn more about the vaccination program in the Philippines, we highly recommend reading the official article released by DOH. You can do so by tapping here.

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  1. the shot has not even finished the trials. it is not fda approved. and what the philippine government is really saying. is they don’t want intelligent people who were smart enough to avoid this toxic shot allowed in your country.

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