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Apple Watch saves man’s life


Technology has been a reliable tool for everyone in this generation. We use it to communicate with our loved ones, learn new recipes, and watch our favorite Korean drama. Now, it seems that technology can even save our lives.

In a recent report, an unknown cyclist was swept by a flooding river in the UK. He was carried by the water current over a mile downstream on Wye River. He then managed to grab on a branch by the water and called the authorities immediately.

Sean Bailey, the rescue commander who responded to the call, recalled the incident stating, “While holding onto a tree branch tightly, he talked to our fire control personnel through his Apple Watch. It worked very well for us and actually helped us find him as soon as possible.”

He then continues that the cyclist “was caught up in the turbulent river very quickly, but we were very surprised by his ability to save himself.”

The Wye River flows through Rosewas in Hereford, this is close to the border between England and Wales. In January, authorities issued a local warning that flooding is imminent in the river.

Apple Watches are capable to take and make calls via LTE or through a paired iPhone. It also has an SOS emergency feature that contacts the local government and sends out text messages to the emergency contact registered by the user.


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