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WATCH: 100 Years Of Beauty, Viral Video


A short video showing the transformation of Korean beauty over the past 100 years is going viral around the web.

The video that gained 4 million views as of today, is the 4th part of the 100 YEARS BEAUTY SERIES produced by the media publishing Cut.com.

By changing the hairdo and makeup of the Korean model Tiffany Lee, the 4-member crew was able to depict within 60 seconds the decadal transformation of Korean beauty from 1910 to 2010 – both from South and North.

100 Years Of Beauty – Episode 4: Korea (Tiffany)

Prior to that, the media publishing has also released a version for USA and Iran. Same format follows showing the time lapse of models getting hair and makeup done to match every decade for the past 100 years. Each video garnered millions of views which is not surprising since the production was really incredible.

100 Years Of Beauty – Episode 3: Iran (Sabrina)

The USA version comes in two, one featuring a white American and the other an African-America.

100 Years Of Beauty – Episode 2: USA (Marshay)

100 Years Of Beauty – Episode 1: USA (Nina)

Cut.com is doing intensive research to display the right fashion styles in just 60 seconds. Many netizens are requesting for them to create other versions for other countries as well like Britain, Mexico and more.

Would you like to see a Philippine version of 100 Years Of Beauty? Share your thoughts below!

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