Vivo is the Philippines’ Top Smartphone Vendor in Q2 2020

vivo is the philippines' top smartphone vendor in q2 2020
Vivo is the Philippines' Top Smartphone Vendor in Q2 2020

Despite the pandemic and unending lockdowns all over the country, Vivo managed to be the number one smartphone vendor in the Philippines, beating Samsung and Huawei along the process. The China company narrowly beats Samsung in unit share by 2% only, posting 21% overall. As per usual, Realme has the biggest YoY growth; posting positive 254%. It’s also the third biggest seller for this quarter, almost beating Samsung at 18%. OPPO retains its 4th spot but has the biggest negative post in YoY growth. Huawei, on the other end, is far behind in unit share but managed to claim the 5th spot. The data report comes from Canalys, the “leading global technology market analyst firm”.

It seems like the Galaxy A51 isn’t’ as popular as before when its predecessor launched last year. Even with the introduction of Galaxy M31 and A31, Samsung struggled to maintain the lead. However, things should change as the Note 20 series is already out for purchase. Huawei will also try to bounce back as the Mate 40 Series is on the horizon. But, the lack of Google apps and services will hamper sales once more. Either way, it’s the second half of the smartphone season wherein the best of the best devices announced.


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