TikTok Tests 60-Minute Videos in Limited Markets

tiktok tests 60 minute videos in limited markets

TikTok is trying out something new, mga ka-TikTokers! They’re testing out a feature that lets you upload videos that are not just 15 seconds or 10 minutes long, but 60 minutes! That’s like a whole movie right there!

I wonder if this new feature will lead content creators to start making TikTok movies?

This move is a big change from the usual short-video style. But hey, it’s all about giving creators more freedom to share their stories. Plus, it might even keep you from jumping to another app to finish watching a video series.

And that’s not all! The app is also playing around with other features to make your experience even better. They’re testing a full-screen mode and a way to quickly find specific parts of a video. Sounds a bit like YouTube, doesn’t it?

Will this longer video feature stick around for good? Guess we’ll just have to wait and see! Now, what do you think about this new longer video experiment by TikTok?