Ransomware Affects 67% of SEA Businesses

ransomware affects 67% of sea businesses
Ransomware Affects 67% of SEA Businesses

In recent years, ransomware has become more prevalent, particularly targeting enterprises by holding their data hostage in exchange for money. According to a recent study by Kaspersky, every two out of three businesses in Southeast Asia have been attacked by cybercrime.

From all major continents, including 100 nations of SEA, the global cybersecurity company surveyed 900 senior non-IT management, business owners, and business partners to gather pertinent data on ransomware threats. It published the results in the research “How business executives perceive ransomware threats.”

how to protect yourself from ransomware

In the Southeast Asian region, 67 percent of enterprises were affected by ransomware, according to the study. The same case had also occurred to half of these respondents twice, while the rest reported only having been a victim once.

The most staggering aspect of this research is that 82.1% of the victims have admitted to paying the ransom after getting the ransomware.


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