Problem with Spotify Playing Songs? Here’s How to Fix It

spotify not playing songs

We all enjoy using Spotify for our music needs. However, with a massive user base of 551 million active monthly users, Spotify can occasionally run into song playback issues. These can be quite frustrating, but they are generally solvable depending on the root cause.

In this article, we’ll explore simple adjustments to Spotify settings to troubleshoot and resolve the problem of songs not playing on the platform.

Internet Connection

If you’re a Spotify Premium user, you’re fortunate to have the ability to play songs offline. However, for those on the free plan, a robust internet connection is essential for using Spotify effectively.

To determine if connectivity is the issue, inspect your Wi-Fi connection or Cellular Data on your devices. Conduct a Wi-Fi speed test if necessary, and consider switching to a different network if the current one is problematic. Additionally, try refreshing the Spotify app or browser to re-establish the connection and resume playing songs.


Restart Spotify App

At times, Spotify experiences glitches that can lead to song playback problems, including unexpected pauses.

To resolve this issue, a simple and effective step is to restart the Spotify app. Close the app entirely and then reopen it. It’s also essential to ensure that no other apps are running in the background that might interfere with Spotify’s performance.

Logout and Log Back In

If restarting the app doesn’t resolve the issue, another effective solution is to log out of your Spotify account and then log back in. This process refreshes your Spotify account and helps eliminate temporary glitches within the app.

Additionally, it’s important to note that logging in to your account at least once every 30 days is necessary to ensure the synchronization of downloaded songs. This periodic re-login helps maintain the smooth functioning of the app and ensures uninterrupted access to your downloaded content.


Disable High-quality Streaming

Premium Spotify users enjoy the best quality music playback, and sometimes, transitioning from a Premium to a free membership account may present challenges in song playback due to differences in streaming quality.

To address this issue, it’s essential to adjust the streaming quality settings when moving from Premium to a free account. Simply turn off high-quality streaming in the settings. This adjustment helps align the streaming quality with the capabilities of the free account, ensuring a smoother playback experience without disruptions.

Manage Downloads

If you’re unable to play songs on Spotify, it’s crucial to check if your device’s storage is full. Spotify requires sufficient available memory to function properly. Spotify recommends having at least 1 GB of free memory on your device.

Update Your Spotify

To ensure a smooth experience with Spotify, it’s important to keep the app updated to the latest version, as updates often include bug fixes and improvements.

By following these guidelines and making necessary adjustments, you can enjoy uninterrupted music playback on Spotify. Stay tuned and make the most out of your Spotify experience!

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