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OPPO Unveils Super VOOC Charging, Fully Charges Battery in 15minutes

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OPPO wasn’t exactly showing off much in Barcelona for the MWC 2016 event, but oh boy, when they showed up, everyone was listening. It was all thanks to OPPO announcing their new Super VOOC charging capability that will be implemented to future OPPO handsets though OPPO themselves have yet implemented it on a current OPPO device.

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OPPO said that the Super VOOC charging capability can charge up a 2500mAh battery in 100% for approximately 15minutes, yep you heard that right 15 MINUTES!. The feature can also charge up a battery on 45% for 5 minutes, which is really an impressive feat. The OPPO Super VOOC will support USB Type-C and microUSB ports and would require a Super VOOC Flash charger plug to be activated.

OPPO is readying up the system for mass production and is expected to hit it high on some future OPPO handsets. One thing to know is that if you use another phone’s charger with an OPPO phone that is Super VOOC charging capable, then it’ll revert back into its slow charging, which should be something that future OPPO users should consider.


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