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Nexus 6P Gets Complaints From Users Regarding Microphone Issues

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With the recent bending test issue garnered by Huawei and Google on their Nexus 6P device, another breed of trouble caught up with two companies and this time, its getting a bit big. Lets find out more about whats wrong with the Nexus 6P, again and please share your thoughts on the matter if you have the time.

People on Google Forums are heavily completing about a the microphone’s quality on the Nexus 6P. Users claimed that the person they were talking with, couldn’t understand them on the other line, despite being on a place with a decent signal. This is said to happen in regular calls or voice over IP calls. Some said that this only happens when they were on speaker phone, while others exclaimed that this ordeal happens both on speakerphone and earpiece mode. This issue has caught up with Google and Huawei and has widespread throughout Google’s forum and even on Reddit.

Currently, Google is aware on the issue and is currently taking the necessary actions on the matter.

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What do you think of the issues involving Huawei and Google’s Nexus 6P? Hit us up on the comments section below and share us your thoughts. We would love to hear your opinion on this matter.

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