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Leaked iPhone 16 Camera Module Shows New Vertical Arrangement

iPhone 16


Get ready for a camera shake-up with the upcoming iPhone 16! Leaks suggest a fresh design for the rear cameras, stacked vertically this time, a departure from the diagonal arrangement in the iPhone 15. This change, reminiscent of Samsung’s style, could pave the way for Spatial Video recording, offering users an enhanced video experience.

The scoop comes from Twitter’s reliable source, Majin Bu, and is backed by industry insiders at MacRumors. The leaked image showcases the camera chassis for the “I-34” project, slated for the base iPhone 16 model arriving this September.

But that’s not all! The iPhone 16 might inherit the Action button from its predecessor, the iPhone 15 Pro, along with a new Capture button featuring force-sensor technology on the right side. These additions could elevate the user experience, providing more control and ease when capturing moments.

The iPhone 16 seems set to blend innovation with user-friendly features.


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