How to Use a Non-google Account to Collaborate on a Google Drive File

google drive collab

An error notice claiming that you can only share a Drive file (Docs, Sheets, Slides, etc.) with a Google Account may appear when you try to share a file with someone else. This may be required at work or school to protect sensitive information. Google users may, however, also invite individuals from other platforms to collaborate with them as guests on files and folders stored in Google Drive. Google users have control over who may see, modify, and comment on their files. They also always have the option to deny access to the file to someone else.

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Sharing Google Files With Visitors

Once visitor sharing has been authorized for your organization, you can share documents as normal with accounts that are not Google. Visitors can edit, comment on, or see your content for 7 days after confirming their email address. If they need to work together for a longer amount of time, they can utilize the link in the original sharing email to re-verify their identity. Contact your administrator for details on which selected accounts you are permitted to share.

If you have a Google Workspace Business Starter or Frontline account, you are allowed to exchange files with up to five non-Google users each month.

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Collaborate as a Visitor

You must use a PIN to verify your identity when asked to collaborate on a Google document. You have seven days to continue collaborating on the shared file or folder after that. If you need to cooperate for a longer amount of time, utilize the link from the original sharing email to authenticate your identity once more. The fact that visitors cannot own the data should be emphasized.

  1. Take a look at the email that Google sent you.
  2. Choose the Open option.
  3. When you click the Send button, an email with a verification number will be sent to you.
  4. The verification code you received in your email inbox can be copied by opening the email that contains it.
  5. Return to the Google file’s browser tab and enter the verification code there.
  6. Click on the Next button.
  7. You may now collaborate on a shared Google file or folder.
  8. By opening the email from Google, you may locate the document once more.
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