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How to renew Driver’s License in the Philippines for 2020


An online guide on how to renew Driver’s License, permits, and registrations in the Philippines 2020

If your driver’s license happened to be expiring during the Enhanced Community Quarantine (ECQ), Land Transportation Office (LTO) announced earlier that the due date is automatically extended by 60 calendar days after work resumption. Today, LTO released a new guideline regarding motor vehicle registration and the process which will prevent congestions at LTO offices and a step-by-step guide for new registrations.

Starting with motor vehicle registrations that expired on March 16, 2020, until the date of work resumption, the validity is extended for 60 calendar days once LTO offices resume operations. The offices will be implementing priority queueing that will be based on the last digit of the motor vehicle’s plate number. In the case of a plate not being issued yet, the last digit of the conduction stickers (for cars) and the date of initial registration (for motorcycles and vehicles with no issued conduction sticker) will be used.

A guideline for new registrations has also been released. The agency won’t be collecting penalties for those vehicles purchased or with sales invoices dating from March 5, 2020, until the date of work resumption. However, this is only applicable if the sale is reported within 15 calendar days once work resumes. So make sure to stay on top of the new process.

As for the Temporary Operator’s Permit that expired on March 16, 2020, up to the date of work resumption, the permit is no longer effective as a temporary license. However, settlement of apprehension cases for the permit is automatically extended for 30 calendar days, again, once work resumes.

For those who have failed to submit (and expiring) PETC Certificate of Emission Compliance (Smoke Emission Test) and Medical Certificates between March 16, 2020, up to the date of work resumption, that, too, will also be extended up for 60 calendar days.

As to when work will resume, LTO said that it’s going to announce a separate advisory for that. Make sure to bookmark this page as we will updating this post once LTO releases new guidelines.

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