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Honor 80 Pro vs OPPO Reno9 Pro+—Specs Comparison


Though they don’t have the most cutting-edge models, the Number Series by Honor and the Reno Series by OPPO nonetheless include high-end phones with flagship-class hardware departments. The OPPO Reno9 Pro Plus and the Honor 80 Pro are the most recent high-end handsets from the previous series; they are two of the most powerful devices available at the same time having a strong quality-price ratio. Although they are on the same level, who is the best? If you are in question, this comparison of the major specs of the OPPO Reno9 Pro Plus and the Honor 80 Pro will be really useful.

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Attractive Looks

Both of these devices have exceptional designs, and determining which one is the most attractive is difficult because it mostly relies on the particular preferences of those seeing them. These phones are made of high-quality materials, such as glass backs and an aluminum frame, and they both have curved screens on the sides. The Honor 80 Pro is slimmer and lighter than the OPPO Reno9 Pro Plus, and its backside has more fascinating textures. However, the Reno is really attractive, especially when the camera module is the same color as the rest of the backside. The Reno is also more compact because of its smaller screen.

The specs of these handsets’ screens are almost the same, therefore there aren’t any significant variances in terms of visual quality. They have Full HD+ (1080p) AMOLED displays that can display up to one billion colors, a refresh rate of 120 Hz, HDR10+ certification, and an in-display fingerprint reader. The OPPO Reno9 Pro Plus features a smaller 6.7-inch display, whereas the Honor 80 Pro has a larger 6.78-inch diagonal. Additionally, the peak brightness varies somewhat between the two: 950 nits for the former and 1,000 nits for the latter.

Camera quality & Battery life

When compared to the Honor 80 Pro, the OPPO Reno9 Pro Plus’s primary camera performs better since it sports a 50 MP Sony IMX890 sensor with OIS backed by the company’s own NPU MariSilicon X, as opposed to the Honor’s 160 MP main camera without OIS. However, the 50 MP ultrawide sensor on the Honor 80 Pro is superior. Additionally, it sports a superior front camera system with a 50 MP ultrawide selfie camera and a 2 MP secondary sensor for measuring depth.

When it comes to battery, given that the Honor 80 Pro’s battery is larger and has a 4800 mAh capacity, its battery life should generally be greater. The OPPO Reno 9 Pro Plus’s 4700 mAh battery, on the other hand, provides a more potent charging method called 80W SuperVOOC.

RAM, Storage & OS

The Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1, which is now Qualcomm’s top chip if we omit the upcoming Snapdragon 8 Gen 2, powers both the OPPO Reno9 Pro Plus and the Honor 80 Pro. It is a chipset with an octa-core architecture and a 4 nm manufacturing process that has a Cortex X2 CPU that can run at a maximum speed of 3 GHz (so it is underclocked because the Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 runs at 3.19 GHz), three Cortex A710 cores that can run at 2.75 GHz, four Cortex A510 cores that can run at 2 GHz, and an Adreno 730 GPU. The hardware comparison favors the OPPO Reno9 Pro Plus since it has 16 GB of RAM as opposed to the Honor’s 12 GB. In addition, it comes with Android 13 out of the box rather than Android 12’s more recent software version.

Price & Availability

The Honor 80 Pro costs approximately €480/$505 (around Php28099) at the current exchange rate, whilst the OPPO Reno9 Pro Plus starts at about €540/$569 (roughly Php31599) in China. Due to its greater RAM capacity, superior primary camera, and quicker charging, I would select the OPPO. Which one would you choose?

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