Google Launches Android 15 Beta for Pixel Devices

android 15 beta


Google has just launched the first Android 15 beta, now available for download on Pixel devices for those participating in the Android Beta Program. Following two earlier Developer Previews in February and March, this beta gives developers a chance to experiment with the latest Android version before its full release.

Major new features will likely be unveiled at Google I/O next month, but Beta 1 is focusing on setting the stage for improvements across key areas.

What’s New?

In Beta 1, the focus is on optimizing apps for larger screens. Apps designed for the new OS will now automatically fill the screen from edge to edge without requiring extra code from developers to take full advantage of the display.

Accessibility also gets a boost with support for Braille displays in the TalkBack screen reader. This new addition will allow visually impaired users to use Braille displays with USB or Bluetooth connections.

Another key feature in Beta 1 is app archiving and unarchiving, designed to help manage storage space. Users can archive unused apps to free up space while keeping app data safe for when they need the app again.

Security improvements come with an API for end-to-end encryption of contact keys, letting users securely manage and verify their contacts’ information.

google launches android 15 beta for pixel devices

Compatible Devices

Android 15 Beta 1 is compatible with Pixel devices from Pixel 6 to Pixel 8 Pro, including the Pixel Fold and Pixel Tablet. Unfortunately, the Pixel 5a won’t receive the update as it reaches the end of its support cycle later this year.

How to Update?

To install the update, users can either:

  • Join the Android Beta Program: By enrolling, users can receive the update over-the-air (OTA) after opting in. This is the easiest way to access the latest Android version.
  • Manual Installation: Users with more technical know-how can manually install the update using factory images or OTA files.

If you’re already in the Android 15 Developer Preview program, you should receive the Beta 1 update OTA. Similarly, those in the Android 14 QPR beta program can easily switch to Android 15 Beta 1 without needing to reset their devices.

Are you ready to explore the future of Android with Beta 1?