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How does the GCash app work?

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In a very fast-paced time we live in, withdrawing and actually bringing money is quite a hassle. Consumers have to fall in line to get some money; and when it’s time to pay, you’ll have to search your bag for your purse and get the cash. But what if you can pay just using your smartphone? Which is what most people have on their hands 24/7?

Globe Telecom launched a new feature of the Gcash App, the Scan to Pay. Gcash offers an effortless and convenient mode of payment. There’s no need to fall in line just to withdraw some cash, just bring out your smartphones and scan the QR code at the counter.

Here’s how to pay using Gcash App:

First, download the Gcash app. It is available for both Android and IOS devices. Then enter your phone number. It will also ask you to fill some personal information.

The Gcash app will send you an authentication code and set your 4-digit PIN. And you’re set! Go to Gcash loading center to fill your Gcash wallet with money. You can send money, pay your bills, buy and borrow load, and do so much more just by using your smartphone!

The one feature that excites me the most is how you can book movies using the app. Just click the Book Movies option, set up your email address, pick the cinema near you, then choose your movie!

No need to get your purse in your bag to pay! Using the Gcash App’s Scan to Pay, click the Pay QR option, align the QR code with your smartphone’s camera, and you’re done purchasing!

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