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Facebook will not allow minors to view gun-related advertisement

Gun-related advertisements on Facebook will be strictly prohibited to minors which also includes weapon accessories such as optics, belt-accessories, and holsters. This policy will be implemented starting June 21, companies should restrict their target audiences when posting their ads on Facebook.

According to Facebook, “Unlike posts from friends or Pages, ads receive paid distribution. This means we have an even higher standard for what is allowed and why we have chosen to limit weapons accessories to an adults-only audience.”

Facebook’s spokesperson said that they already made an action against gun ads, however, gun sellers are still allowed to post ads for accessories such as gun-mounted flashlights, scopes, holsters, gun cases, gun paint or slings but they have to restrict it to the inappropriate audience which are the minors ages 18 below.

The social media giant listed policies in terms of promoting which will be effective starting June 21.

facebook will not allow minors to view gun related advertisement 1

This policy tightened following the sensitive issue of kids getting involved with firearms which increases school-shootings. This policy is a good step to prevent the kids from the exposure to firearms.


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