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Data Plans, Price Comparison: PLDT vs Globe vs Sky Cable Internet Broadband

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Just recently, Globe announced that it has upgraded the speeds of its Fiber or Tattoo Platinum offering here in the Philippines. The Plan 2499 of Tattoo Platinum is the latest and most affordable high-speed internet connection you could get for P2499 pesos. This is, in fact, the cheapest when compared to current’s PLDT and Sky Cable broadband offerings and plans being offered in Metro Manila and other parts of Philippines.

Unfortunately, both Globe’s and PLDT’s Tattoo Platinum and Fibr services, respectively, are only available to select areas in Metro Manila as expansion has just begun. The two companies, however, have started expanding their fiber connections to cater more homes including to those in provinces such as on Cavite, Cebu, Davao, Iloilo, Bulacan and other regions.

Check out the Internet Broadband comparison below which includes DSL, 4G LTE and Fiber plans both from Globe and PLDT. We also included Sky Cable on the list alongside with the data caps, a service fee of the land line, modem installation and wifi router.

Lists of Globe Tattoo Platinum fiber service availability:
Makati Taguig Las Pinas Manila Pasig
Avida Towers San Lorenzo 8 Forbes Town Road at Fort Bonifacio Ohana Place 8 Adriatico East of Galleria
Bel-Air Village* Avant at The Fort Southbay Gardens* Crown Tower The Grove by Rockwell
Discovery Primea Bonifacio Ridge Manila Executive Regency
Eton Parkview Greenbelt Fairways Tower Muntinlupa  Quezon City Mandaluyong and San Juan
Forbes Park* Forbeswood Parklane Alabang 400* Acropolis** Flair Towers
Greenbelt Chancellor, Excelsior, Madison Serendra* Avida Alabang Eastwood Excelsior One Shangrila Place Ortigas
KL Mosaic, Laureano di Trevi, Mosaic Tower The Venice Luxury Residences Ayala Alabang* Eastwood Le Grand Swire Elan
Magallanes Dona Segundina Townhomes* Ferndale Villas The Address At Wack Wack
One Central, Lafayette Square, Legaspi Park – Bel-Air, Roxas Triangle Green Meadows** The St. Francis Shangri-La Place
Park Terraces, Raffles Makati, Regency at Salcedo Pasay Manhattan Parkway Residences Wack Wack Heights
Rockwell, San Lorenzo**, Senta Tower Newport Palm Tree SM Blue Residences, SM Grass Residences
Signa Designer Residences Newport Parkside Villas SMDC Berkeley Residences
The Beacon Newport Pinecrest The Amaryllis*
The Columns – Legazpi, Ayala Avenue Studio Zen The Magnolia Residences
The Eton Residences Greenbelt Laguna White Plains**
 The Residences at Greenbelt Abrio, Nuvali*
The Shang Grand Tower, Urdaneta* Ayala Greenfield Estates*

*200Mbps available, **200Mbps to 1Gbps available

Data Plans, Pricing Comparison: PLDT vs Globe vs Sky Cable in DSL, LTE, Fiber

We will be updating the table once Globe, PLDT or Sky Cable announced changes to their services and their prices.

DSL Broadband Plan MSF or Fee or prices *one time fee Speed Data caps Lock-in period in months
max Download or Down Link at mega Bits max Upload or Up Link at mega BITS ?unverified
PLDT Home DSL 990 P990/mo + one time 2300 installation and modem* 1Mbps 0.512Mbps? Unlimited 12-24 mos
PLDT Home DSL 1299 P1299/mo + 2300* 2Mbps 0.756Mbps? Unlimited 12-24 mos
PLDT Speedster 1299 (for 990 and 1299 upgrade only) P1299/mo + 2300* 10Mbps 1Mpbs? 50GB 12-24 mos
PLDT Plan 999 or 1699 P1699/mo (including MSF for telephone service) + P1100* 3Mbps 1Mbps? Unlimited 12-24 mos
PLDT Plan 1995 or 2695 P2695/mo + P1100* 5Mbps 1Mbps? Unlimited 12-24 mos
PLDT Plan 3000 or 3700 P3700/mo + P1100* 8Mbps 1Mbps? Unlimited 12-24 mos
GLOBE Tattoo Home Broadband 1099 P1099/mo + 1000 installation fee* 2Mbps 0.756Mbps? Unlimited 24 mos
GLOBE Tattoo Home Broadband 1299 P1299/mo + 1000 installation fee* 3Mbps 1Mbps 50GB 24 mos
GLOBE Tattoo Home Broadband 1599 P1599/mo + 1000 installation fee* 5Mbps 1Mbps 60GB 24 mos
GLOBE Tattoo Home Broadband 1999 P1999/mo + 1000 installation fee* 7Mbps 1Mbps? 70GB 24 mos
GLOBE Tattoo Home Broadband 2499 P2499/mo + 1000 installation fee* 10Mbps 1Mbps? 80GB 24 mos
GLOBE Tattoo Home Broadband 2999 P2999/mo + 1000 installation fee* 15Mbps 1Mbps? 100GB 24 mos
Sky Cable Broadband 999 P999/mo 3Mbps 0.512Mbps or 512kbps Unlimited 24 mos
Sky Cable Broadband 1599 P1599/mo 8Mbps 1Mbps Unlimited 24 mos
Sky Cable Broadband 1999 P1999/mo 16Mbps 1Mbps Unlimited 24 mos
Sky Cable Broadband 3999 P3999/mo 25Mbps 1Mbps Unlimited 24 mos
High speed / 4G LTE Broadband
PLDT ULTERA Fun Plan 999 P999/mo + 3000* one time modem fee and WiFi Router 3Mbps 1Mbps? 30GB 36mos
PLDT ULTERA Fun Plan 1599 P1599/mo + 3000* one time modem fee and WiFi router 5Mbps 1Mbps? 50GB 36mos
PLDT ULTERA Fun Plan 1999 P1999/mo + 3000* one time modem fee and WiFi router 10Mbps 1Mbps? 70GB 36mos
Globe LTE Plans do have similar fees as to DSL but with different data caps: 20GB, 30GB, 50GB, 60GB, 70GB, 80GB for Plan 1099 up to P2999, respectively
Super high speed / Fiber Broadband
PLDT Fibr Lite Plan 1899 P1899/monthly + 5500* 20Mbps 3Mbps? 80GB 30mos
PLDT Fibr Plan 3500 + free cignal P3500/monthly + 5500* 20Mbps 3Mbps? Unlimited 30mos
PLDT Fibr Plan 5800 + free cignal digital TV channels P5800/monthly + 5500* 50Mbps 20Mbps? Unlimited 30mos
PLDT Fibr Plan 8800 P8800/monthly + 5500* 100Mbps 20Mbps? Unlimited 30mos
PLDT Fibr Plan 20000 P20000/monthly + 5500* 200Mbps 20Mbps? Unlimited 30mos
PLDT Fibr 1 Gigabit ??? 1Gbps or 1 gigabit 1Gbps or 1 gigabit Unlimited 30mos
GlobeTattoo Platinum Plan 2499 P2499/mo + 1000* 50Mbps 20Mbps? Unlimited 24mos
GlobeTattoo Platinum Plan 3499 P3499/mo + 1000* 100Mbps 20Mbps? Unlimited 24mos
GlobeTattoo Platinum Plan 4499 P4499/mo + 1000* 200Mbps 20Mbps? Unlimited 24mos
GlobeTattoo Platinum Plan 7499 P7499/mo + 1000* 500Mbps 20Mbps? Unlimited 24mos
GlobeTattoo Platinum Plan 9499 P4499/mo + 1000* 1Gbps or 1000Mbps or 1 gigabit 20Mbps? Unlimited 24mos

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  1. ano po yung +1000 fee sa GLOBE Tattoo Home Broadband 2499 and up..one time fee lang ba siya or buwan buwan may +1000?

  2. Called Globe today. Their GLOBE Tattoo Home Broadband 1099 actually has a 2GB data limit per day. After hitting the allowance, you get throttled by 30%. It was unclear if your speed is reduced BY 30% or reduced TO 30%.

  3. Sa PLDT ang pinaka worst is the Ultera yung 30gb/month means 1gb/day limited to 4 devices.

    yung DSL and Fiber ok yun sila. Kay sa Ultera dont let the 4G fool you

    just sharing my Ultera Problem at hndi ka maka alis sa 36mth lock in period
    plss i advice you not ..wag kayo mag ULTERA you will regret it…

  4. Okay. Help. I live in Las piñas and my family and I have been using PLDT DSL plan 1,299php a month. We all know and can’t change the fact that the Philippines has the crapiest internet in the world and we can’t do anything about that. I am trying to make an online English teaching my full time job and with my internet provider, the Internet is on and off particularly from 10am to 8pm every single day.
    What would make it better?? Should I switch to a different provider? Should I upgrade? My mom already downgraded before because one, 1299php is expensive and two, the Internet connection hasn’t changed anyways.
    I am frustrated and I do not know what choice to make. HELP ANYONE?

  5. Thank you for sharing your views about our crappy ISPs 🙁 Did I get it right that Sky is the best choice among all of them for now? Really having a hard time deciding which one to get. Also, I live somewhere in Bataan Hills and I want to know if my location could affect the speed of my internet connection. Please give me a feedback if anyone of you here live in Bataan Hills.Thanks guys!

  6. Hi! I am from bacoor, would like to ask if PLDT plan 1299 reliable on our location. i am torn between sky and pldt.. which one should i get?
    Thank you

  7. we’re currently using the 1299 plan, which is at 3mbps. But ever since mid-June, my net went really down. It seats at 68kbps download(Tops) and at 26kbps(Low) with 300+ ping. Kept on calling them and even as far as going to one of their office at Southmall AND still I was played the fool. They never went during the course of the three months(June, July and August). After calling and calling and calling them for like 3 times a week, they finally arrived (mid September). And I was so furious inside, since the electrician that went can’t even seem to even understand what i’m saying when it comes to ping and bits and shit. So in the end he replaced the box and said to observe the speed BUT FUCK, it went more shitty as hell. So I did reported it back every day since that time but still PLDT hasn’t even replied yet again. So pissed and effed up, can’t download or play online games since June and I’m as ticked out as hell.

    So any tips and information would help bro in this issue. I was planning on shifting to Skybroadband, since friends in the same village are saying the area connection was good BUT of course I just dont want to leave my current plan just sitting and me paying pldt for this unrendered service.

    • Sky’s speed offering is good but I find the speed sometimes unstable at peak hours, but if you’re on desktop (wired LAN) then it’s a good choice. Other than that, have you checked you area if they have fiber (Coverge ICT or Globe)?

      • Still havent checked with conv ICT and globe, but with fiber pldt its still not available in our area. thnx for the inputs

      • Don’t go with SkyCable, if in PLDT you have a shitty connection, in SkyCable, you get NO CONNECTION. I shifted to PLDT and availed the 5MBPS plan, as of now, i’m happy because even if my sister is downloading her torrent or watching youtube, I can still play my online games

  8. Mga sir ask ko Lang my 10 unit ako ng pc d abot ang pldt samin. Gamit ko ngaun e click broadband ng cat v. Laging lag. My prob daw system nila sa online game. Kung mag globe ba ako na 2 na 5 Mbps di sya unli pero my net limiter ako ok na ba un?

  9. I would Really like to share my experience with SkyCable, We live in Laguna and thought of having a cable and internet so we availed with SkyCable’s 3MBPS plan with cable TV, everything is good at first, then after 3 months, shits happen, most of the time, you cannot play during peak hours, morever if someone downloads or watches Youtube. then this 2016, on September, I finally lost connection, I coordinated it with Sky on their facebook account that I’m having no connections, they keep saying that I should refresh my modem, I keep refreshing it but nothing changes. October and November came and still no connection. (I continue to communicate with them through their facebook account, still no service came) At last the connection was partially restored in December 20 2016. and there service crew came (even though the connection was already stable) when I asked for a refund for the 2 months that I paid but without any connections, they told me that the periods which would count as refund would be those which are covered within a reference number, so meaning, without any reference number, you cannot avail any refund or whatsoever. So I advice you this, Never avail sky cable or you’ll get stressed out as shit, I know its more costly in PLDT, but atleast its somewhat stable because we are connected through nodes instead of cable connection. Using nodes, you wont have a problem when connecting to the internet even though it is peak hours. I would also advice you that, If you really opt to go with SkyCable, MAKE SURE THAT IN EVERY COMPLAINT THAT YOU SEND TO THEM, GET A REFERENCE NUMBER! This is important specially if you are complaining about no connection, they will never EVER consider any other documents which you would give them, only the reference number which they gave you. AND, do not inquire with their facebook account, you’ll never achieve anything (this would be hard for those who have work since you really need to go to their office and wait for your turn in the complaint desk, which is always full)

  10. Hello Ask ko lang maganda ba connection ng PLDT balak ko kasi magpa install sa bahay somewhere in Lancaster Westwood 2. magkano po ba ang charge ng first time pag pa connect sa bahay..at magkano ang 25MBPS monthly na babayaran…Pls. waiting for your reply as soon as possible.
    Thank you

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