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Apple’s iPhone 7c Could Come in on September 2016


A supposedly iPhone 7c is expected to come, but it could come later than any of us expected. Rumours and leaks have been going around the internet on this alleged iPhone 7c and it seems that the expected 5c successor has a launching date in his pocket.

Information came from Apple’s main manufacturer Foxcon that the said 5c successor is to come on September 2016, as a way of building up the hype for the release of the iPhone 7. In accordance to this, an expected $400 (Php 18K) or $500 (Php 23K) price ballpark is expected to hit the said 5c successor.

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However, take note that these information are yet to be confirmed and simply serve as a possibility. There is yet no other confirmation sources for this particular information, though we can only wait and see, if this particular information might come into play someday. What do you think of the 7c’s arrival date? do you think its plausible? Hit us up on the comments section and share our thoughts. We’d love to hear your opinion on this speculation.

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