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Amazon Now Offers Free Shipping To The Philippines

Amazon Now Offers Free Shipping To The Philippines
Amazon Now Offers Free Shipping To The Philippines

Your web shopping is about to get a lot better, thanks to a surprise announcement! Amazon, which is know for selling goods all over the world, is now offering FREE shipping to the Philippines. Here’s what makes this so unique.

Amazon has always been thought of as one of, if not the best online store in the world. The fact that its Executive Chairman, Jeff Bezos, is close to being the third richest person in the world shows how popular it is around the world. The company’s logo even has an arrow to show that it sells everything “from A to Z.”

But because of regional differences, it can be hard for buyers in places like the Philippines to make purchases. This includes the fact that our islands are not on the list of countries where packages can be sent. Which makes it harder and costs more for people to send packages there. Door-to-door delivery is also an option, but shipping costs are much higher. This makes a lot of people not want to go, but they end up finding alternatives on local sites or just putting it on a bucket list for when they or a close friend travel.

With Amazon now offering free shipping to the Philippines. Many of the barriers that made it hard to buy from the site in the first place have been take away. Now, you can have things sent right to your door. At first, some Filipino netizens didn’t believe that even handling fees were cancele. but a public Facebook post by user Kyara Labrador shows that they are. We think the magic could be happening in the conversion of the Exchange Rate, but it’s still a small amount.

The company says that import fees and/or VAT, if applicable, are still add to the final price (amounts over ₱10,000). But this is still an amazing deal that would make many people think about switching to Amazon as their favorite online shopping app.

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How to get Amazon to ship for free to the Philippines?

It’s the same as using other e-commerce sites, but this time you need to look out for specific labels before clicking “add to cart”:

  1. Get the Amazon app or log in on their website.
  2. Put Philippines as your shipping address.
  3. Choose items that say “FREE Shipping to the Philippines.”
  4. Check your Shopping Cart to see if FREE Shipping applies to your order.
  5. “FREE AmazonGlobal Shipping” will already be chose at checkout if your order qualifies.

The estimated delivery time will depend on what you ordered, and when you successfully check out, you can usually see a delivery range.

Even though this is good news, the details on the site explain how the Amazon Free Shipping to the Philippines program works. First, an item that is eligible should have a tag that says “FREE Shipping to the Philippines.” Second, you must have a shipping address in the Philippines. The last requirement is that the total price of all eligible items must be at least USD 49, based on the site’s exchange rates at the time.

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