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UPLB Launches Campus E-Rentals for Students

Photo Courtesy: University of the Philippines Los Baños Facebook Page


Exciting news for students at the University of the Philippines – Los Baños! Say goodbye to the hassle of walking long distances on campus because soon, you’ll have a cool and eco-friendly way to get around – through e-bikes and e-scooters available for rent via a user-friendly app.

Tipaklong Sustainable Mobility, Corp., a business founded by UPLB graduates, is leading the charge by providing a fleet of electric bikes and scooters for students to zip around campus effortlessly.

Photo Courtesy: University of the Philippines Los Baños Facebook Page

Why, you ask? Well, it’s all part of a green initiative to promote environmentally-friendly transportation options within the university. They’re not just stopping at wheels; the university plans to conduct a feasibility study to track things like distance traveled, trips taken, and even the carbon dioxide emissions avoided, all to showcase the positive impact of this new way of getting around.

But wait, there’s more! The campus is not only adding bikes for rent but also beefing up the infrastructure with more bike racks and guidelines for bike lanes. Even the campus security is getting in on the action with their own set of bicycles for patrols.

“This is us taking a revolutionary step. As a national university, we need to be conscious of our carbon footprint and proactively engage our constituents with our efforts to be steadfast stewards of our environment. One way of looking at it is by focusing on our transport system,”

-Vice Chancellor for Community Affairs, Robert Ceren

The university has teamed up with organizations and alumni associations to ensure there are plenty of convenient spots to park your bike.

Ready for a greener, more convenient campus life? Who wouldn’t be? Well, stay tuned for more updates!

Source: Ride-sharing system to revive campus biking (uplb.edu.ph)


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