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Top 8 Reasons NOT to buy an Apple iPhone X


Is the iPhone X really worth the $999 price?

That said, we at ManilaShaker had weighed the pros and cons of using the device. With that in mind, we would like to share the top reasons why we think that the iPhone X would not be worth your money.

1.) “X”pensive Price

Compared to the other flagship smartphones, the iPhone X is truly expensive. In a way that it almost makes the other smartphones a very good deal. That said, we have a list of alternative gadgets and devices you can buy for your supposed $999 budget for the iPhone X here.

2.) R.I.P Headphone jack, again

Why do manufacturers keep removing the headphone jacks had always been a question to many. Hasn’t Apple learned their mistake in the iPhone 7 AirPods? Anyway, when people compare the percentage of those who want an audio jack to those who don’t, it’s pretty obvious which will win.

3.) Notch/Top Bezel Cut


Not only does it look unappealing to some, but it also would make some apps unpleasant to look at. Watching movies and such videos also are a pain due to the black notch being in the way.

4.) No fingerprint scanner

Not everybody wants to use Face ID. Compared to the Touch ID, the Face ID would require the user to look at their smartphones all the time to unlock it. Some previous iPhone owners think the same as well. Like.. why can’t it have both?

5.) Animoji technology function

No doubt that some find the Animoji function fun to use. However, the iPhone X really isn’t for everyone. Think about the users who don’t take their smartphones for fun and games but for business use instead. Yet, it’s still up to the buyer whether they find it useful or not.

6.) Not that much New features

Its iOS 11 indeed brings a fresh feeling to it. Yet, you can also have the OS on your respective iPhone models be it the iPhone 5s, 6 or 7. Newer features that only sets the X apart from its predecessors are its the Face ID, animoji, faster performance, camera and full view screen.

7.) TOO Fragile

There’s no explanation needed for the rear glass material. Well, a case and a tempered glass could solve this anyway. Then again, repair costs for the iPhone X shattered screen (which are outside the warranty) ranges from $279-$549.

8.) Paying more but for fewer features

As mentioned above, there is no more headphone jack and Touch ID. Aside from that, the only things that set it apart from its competitors are its animoji function and OS. So, if you’re an Apple fan, it is the best you can buy. Yet, if you are in the middle of Apple and Android, you would rather pick the one that has more convenient features to use. Of course, at a cheaper price as well.

Bottomline, the iPhone X really isn’t for everyone. For some, it doesn’t take them to say “shut up and take my money.” However, some still like the big change in design, animoji, and processor speed. I think that two is enough for some to buy the iPhone X, though. Nonetheless, it is still up to the consumer to decide whether to or not to buy.

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