Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Supply Might Be Limited Due To Low 3D Glass Yield

samsung galaxy s6 edge supply might be limited due to low 3d glass yield

Samsung is very successful with its new flagship smartphone — the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge which boasts dual-curved display that it even won the ‘Best New Handset Award’ at MWC 2015.

By partnering with Corning, the company was able to produce its unique display through the 3D Thermoforming technology. Undeniably though, the process done to achieve this is not an easy process and is very costly.

The 3D Thermoforming Technology functions by heating the material to 800 degrees Celcius in order to mold into its unique shape, and costs around $25 or Php1, 110.

3d-glassAnd unfortunately, as rumors go around, the company is now on the lookout for additional suppliers of the double-edge display due to low 3D glass yield.

Samsung was reportedly planning to manufacture 8 million up to 8.5 million curved glasses units in the second quarter of the year. But due to the low 3D yield rumor, Corning will not manage to supply the Korean company more than 6.5 million units.

If Samsung fails in increasing the yield by the time it is supposed to release Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge in the market, the company might have to settle in producing limited number of the device in limited regions around the globe.

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