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Top 5 reasons why Mislatel Telecom will be better than SMART, Globe, PLDT

Official Logo of Mislatel Consortium including CHINA Telecom, Udenna Corporation, and Chelsea Logistics

Why the new network Mislatel PH will serve better than PLDT and Globe

With the Philippine government’s NTC officially announcing Mislatel Consortium as the provisional official 3rd major telco player, doubts and expectations have been cast from both consumers and politicians especially in terms of security knowing that its foreign stakeholder is China Telecom.

Politics aside, there are still good reasons why the new network will be beneficial to all. We give you the top five reasons why it will even perform and provide service better than PLDT/Smart and Globe.

1. Cheaper pricing for postpaid and prepaid plans

The biggest advantage that we are expecting from Mislatel is not that they will offer the cheapest or most affordable internet and cellular services for individuals. But it is the law of supply and demand which in turn will make the pricing of both PLDT/Smart and Globe to lower. This will help all and not just for Mislatel consumers.

2. Less congestion especially in data exchange traffic

Occupying some vital network frequencies such as 700MHz, Mislatel users will help decongest the traffic from all networks provided that they would utilize equipment that has more capacity and wider signal coverage.

3. Could provide faster 3G and 4G LTE conenction from start

Most phones these days come in with 3G and/or 4G LTE connectivity. That is why it is possible that they will put less priority to 2G or EDGE/GPRS/GSM as these are slower, thus, enabling Mislatel and China Telecom to focus their service in providing faster 3G HSPA and 4G LTE.

They also promised to provide up to 55Mbps standard speed in the first year, which is not bad given they start from scratch.


4. Faster internet for a lower price due to China Telecom’s fiber backbone

China Telecom has one of the longest and widest network coverage from America to Europe and even they gain millions of subscribers in the latter region for the first half of this year alone. With a fiber backbone so wide, it will beat other major telco players in providing faster internet speed at a lower price. Unlike with PLDT and Globe still need to take some profit from their investments, Mislatel could just ride on China Telecom’s network.

5. Could introduce and deploy 5G to suburban first

With SMART Communication and Globe telecom focusing on deploying 5G to urban areas, Mislatel could install 5G networks in both urban and suburban especially Mindanao is the home region of Udenna and Chelsea Logistics as well as the focus of the current government’s expansion.

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So when will Mislatel and China Telecom start providing services and network signals in the Philippines?

Both the government and its branch, NTC, has very strict ground rules for the third telco player and we know that Mislatel and China Telecom promised to cover the Philippines with their network from 10 to 50% in the first year. So by mid-2019, we might already have a stable 3rd player presence throughout the archipelago.

Let us know on what are your thoughts on Mislatel Telecom becoming the 3rd telco player.

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