Huawei Plans Global HarmonyOS Rollout

global harmonyos rollout
Photo Credits: China Daily


Recently, Huawei has been on a roll with a string of positive announcements. From the Huawei Watch 4 now supporting GCash QR and eSIM in the Philippines, to the launch of the Huawei Pura 70 Series, and the investment of $1.6 billion in a massive chip plant in Shanghai, the company is making waves. Adding to the excitement, Huawei has also partnered with Toyota for a Global Assisted Driving Solution.


Global HarmonyOS Rollout

Now, Huawei is eyeing global HarmonyOS rollout, aiming to beef up its native HarmonyOS app collection throughout 2024. During the Analyst Summit 2024, Huawei’s current chairman, Xu Zhijun, spilled the beans on the company’s worldwide ambitions.

Despite facing challenges like US sanctions, Huawei is placing big bets on HarmonyOS to become a major player in the mobile operating system scene. Their plan? Build strong relationships with app developers and provide all the necessary support, tools, and incentives to cultivate a thriving HarmonyOS app ecosystem.

Their strategy kicks off in China, where nearly everyone’s hooked on just over 5,000 apps. So, Huawei’s plan is crystal clear, onboard those top 5,000 apps first, then expand globally.

How? By moving existing apps to HarmonyOS and rallying more developers to join the movement. Global HarmonyOS Rollout

According to Huawei‘s chairman, once they’ve got those essential 5,000 Android apps – and a boatload more – running smoothly on HarmonyOS, they’ll be in business. But will HarmonyOS really become the world’s next big mobile OS contender? What do you think?