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How to Pay PLDT Home Fiber or DSL bills thru Gcash

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Paying your PLDT Fiber bills or DSL plus landline statement of account via Globe Gcash is easier and more convenient than going to authorized stores outside your home. Below is a guide on step-by-step Gcash bills payment

Paying PLDT Home Fiber or DSL using Globe Gcash mobile app

  • Add credits or cash-in the amount you needed into your Gcash number
  • Open the Gcash app and navigate to Bills Payment
  • Go to Telecom and choose PLDT DSL (it is similar to PLDT Home Fiber)
  • Enter your 10 digit Account Number and telephone number with area code
  • Double check the information then proceed to the confirmation page

Alternatively, you can add an account into the Gcash biller app section so that you will not need to enter the details every time you are paying your bills.

Step by step guide on paying PLDT Home Fiber bills via Gcash of Globe

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  1. Hi. Im planning to pay our bill thru gcash, but kind of confuse bet PLDT DSL and PLDT Landline. Our connection comes with a telephone landline. If im going to pay thru gcash do i need to choose the pldt landline right? Thank you. 🙂

    • You won’t but estimated is 1-2 days. On the other hand, PLDT has a few days extensions from your due date. Else, it takes a month of an unpaid bill for PLDT to take action like cutting the internet or telephone line in your home.

  2. How about for the landline +DSL subscribers with 02 area code that has now 8 digit numbers started March 18? In phone # space, do we need to put 008776****?

  3. Or do we still need to put the 002877**** because on our billing statement, the phone # has still the 02 area code not 8. But technically speaking, since we’re on the area affected with the changes to 8-digit phone #, our phone # rn is starting with 8 not 02. It’s confusing.

  4. Hi I paid pldt fibr through gcash. But the problem is, I’ve used pldt landline choice would it still reflect on my account?\

  5. Hi im i would like to ask kung through gcash sya account number lang nilagay ko marerecieve ba yun ng pldt dsl yung payment ko . Even hindi ko na nilagyan ng code number sa telephone na hinihingi nila .

  6. You just have to call their hotline # and their ivr would recognize naman na suspended service mo sa maririnig mo yung option for reconnection tapos lalagay mo lang dun reference number ng bayad mo then thats it. Wala pang 1 hr ay bbalik na service

  7. Hi I’m new in GCash. I tried to follow the instruction but after pressing the Telecom menu there’s no PLDT DSL in the list of menu. My friend just used it last night too and I asked her she said she couldn’t find it anymore.

  8. Hi! Hehe. Nag bayad po ako through GCash, last November 2. Until now, di pa rin nagrereflect sa PLDT MyHome account yung payment ko. Due date ko is November 11. Bakit po kaya ganon? Baka kasi bigla nilang i cut yung internet connection ko dahil di pa nagrereflect.

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