Google Gemini Launches YouTube Music Extension

google gemini

Google’s transitioning from Assistant to Gemini, and now Gemini’s got the groove with YouTube Music! Google shared that you can link up YouTube Music with Gemini on the web using your account. Just make sure your Gemini and YouTube Music accounts match up. How? Just toggle on the YouTube Music extension in your Gemini app or on your PC, and you’re good to go!

Once you’re all set up, you can chat with Gemini like you’re talking to a buddy. Ask it to “show,” “find,” or “play” tunes, albums, or even your favorite artists. It’s even got your custom playlists covered!

How to use extensions in Google Gemini Apps

  1. Sign in with your personal Google Account.
  2. Make sure Gemini Apps Activity is turned on.

How to use an extension in Gemini

  1. Go to on your computer.
  2. Type your question or prompt in the text box.
  3. Optionally, if you want to specify a service or app, type “@” and select the extension. If it’s off, it’ll either be turned on or you’ll be asked for permission.
  4. Click Submit. If there’s an available extension, Gemini will use it automatically.
  5. If necessary, give Gemini permission to use the extension and click Continue.

Here are Some Prompts

  • Show some rock music
  • Turn on White Noise @YouTubeMusic
  • Play music that I like
  • Play rock music radio
  • Show me songs from modern artists keeping classic blues alive

Other Prompt Options

  • Find [song name] by [artist name]
  • Find the album [album title] by [artist name]
  • Find playlist
  • Find [genre] music
  • Search for songs similar to [song name] by [artist name]
  • Find the song that goes [song lyrics]
  • Find the [song name] music video
  • Start a radio based on the song [song name]
  • Search for [artist name] songs

Why not give it a try and let Gemini serenade you with your favorite tunes? Ready to rock and roll?