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Galaxy S11 Could Be The Best Smartphone Video Camera


Thanks to an APK code teardown (from a recent Samsung Camera app update), the Samsung Galaxy S11 could be the best smartphone video camera next year. This is due to the support for 8K video recording and simultaneous recording with the available lenses. Furthermore, new modes such as Single Take Photo and Night Hyperlapse were found within the code build.

Galaxy S11 To Be The Best Smartphone Video Camera in 2020?

Rumors are already swirling that the Galaxy S11 might use a 108MP sensor. While this type of sensor is commonly found on mid-range smartphones, like the Mi Note 10, reports suggest that the 108MP that’s going to be used for Samsung’s next flagship phone is a different and more improved version. Thanks to that massive sensor, 8K video recording is possible. In case you didn’t know, the newly-announced Exynos 990 flagship chipset comes with 8K @ 30fps video support. Since Samsung is known for releasing two SoCs for its flagship lineup, we can expect the yet-to-be-announced Snapdragon 865 to sport ultra HD video recording, too.

Another feature that videomakers and professionals will find exciting is simultaneous video recording, aka Director’s View. In a nutshell, this allows users to record videos using the telephoto, ultrawide, and main lenses at the same time. This is the same feature that’s first introduced on the iPhone 11 via the Filmic Pro app, however, Samsung is doing it through its native camera app.

Other camera features include Night Hyperlapse which we assume is a timelapse with night mode turned on, Single Take Photo that will capture a series of photos and short videos as you pan for 15 seconds and Vertical Panoramas that lets you take panoramas by panning up and down.

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