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TESLA Technologies Partners With SCT To Put Up a Satellite-Based Channel


TESLA Technologies CEO Peter Matejcek and SCT CEO Mario P. Marcos signed a “Transfer of Ownership and Industrial Development in the Philippines” deal at Manila Hotel on February 23.

Matejcek says TESLA had a radio transmitter project in the nation years ago. Marcos said their cooperation will enable the local transfer of Czech technology and the domestic assembly of two TESLA products.

The partnership will create Philippine TESLA, which will benefit the nation and its people.

It boosts the economy and provides work. Marcos said, “Of course, it will give a good name to the Philippines, and it can inspire all our young scientists, young artists [to work with us].” 4,000 to 5,000 Filipinos will be hired.

He revealed that they will invest $8 million in the deal, and they will use $5 million of it to create a satellite-based channel that can provide fast connectivity for households, intelligent homes, and smart cities.

SCT will combine with its satellite platform to provide a strong connection and signal even in disasters and extreme weather.

“Actually, this is really a priority one that we will now about to start the proof of concept of this L-band satellite,” said the CEO, who is the second cousin of President Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr.

He said they would assemble TESLA’s diagnostic health device and magnetic engine in Clark and Cavite economic zones using the leftover $3 million.

He said, “I think six months from now, the production will start.” They can also make TESLA phones, batteries, sensors, cameras, lighting, and LEDs. “Because they love Tesla, we are targeting Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam, Cambodia, and Thailand.”

Elon Musk and Henry Sy Jr. Collaborate for PH Satellite Internet

A Faster L-band Satellite

SCT aims to buy a 10-times-faster satellite in 2025. This will involve a Hong Kong company using American technology.

Marcos noted that with an L-band satellite, they can integrate with Starlink, which provides connectivity in the nation via its low-orbit satellite, and “become two-way, so the signal will be super fast and the connection is really very strong.”

SCT explores working with local telcos. Since Converge Solutions Inc. needs an L-band satellite, he recently met with its top execs to discuss collaboration.

“We will do it in parallel with our boosting the connectivity, giving a very long term connectivity scheme for the Philippines,” Marcos said. “By 2025, we can reach 70% of this plan.”

$1 Billion Super Smart Island

The company is starting a big project in Roxas, Palawan and is still in the process of purchasing a 500-hectare privately owned island.

Developers and investors from around the world have already shown interest in the mixed-use development, which will include five hotels with global standards, shopping malls, pavilions and villas, yacht and golf clubs, and a private airport.

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