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Scientists Find Air-to-Electricity Conversion


As students, we’ve learned in class that there are different ways to move electricity, which is important because we need it daily.

A group of scientists from Australia’s Monash University has found an enzyme that can turn air-to-electricity.

Scientists found this hydrogen-eating enzyme in a common soil bacterium, and they discovered that it uses energy from the Air-to-Electricity.

PhD student Ashleigh Kropp, left, and Dr Rhys Grinter

It was also a big step forward for the team because they now know how bacteria can live in different environments, like Antarctica’s soil or volcanoes’ craters.

Researchers demonstrated that the enzyme, named “Huc,” maintains stability due to its high proficiency in generating energy from the surrounding air.

Scientists have conducted experiments which revealed that purified Huc can remain stable over a broad temperature range, from as low as -80 degrees Celsius to as high as 80 degrees Celsius, without losing its ability to produce electricity.

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