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International Telecommunication Union Study Forum Opens

International Telecommunication

The International Telecommunication Union Study Group on sharing collective values defines objectives and mutually benefits African operators forum began in The Gambia on Monday.

Gambia’s Public Utilities Regulatory Authority (PURA) held the three-day forum, “Sharing Experience to Enhance Telecoms Networks Quality for Consumers,” with 12 African regional telecommunication stakeholders and ITU officials.

The forum will offer country-specific case studies and practical models to improve QoS and QoE. (QoE).

The Banjul meeting encourages African states to adopt QoS and QoE recommendations.

The Banjul meeting’s main objective is to persuade African nations to adopt Quality-of-Service and Quality-of-Experience guidelines. Intriguingly, while asking participants for long-term solutions to sector problems.

DG Jobe suggested that PURA and ITU meet occasionally to strengthen industry chances to merge top-notch services.

He said this is possible if people and groups use the industry’s potential.

ITU CEO Martin Adolph said top telecommunications experts will share their expertise at the Banjul forum.

He added that it would allow ITU members to share skills and experiences to better African nations.

IT firms must startle clients, especially when they need them. Reliable networking boosts ITC sector confidence and service user satisfaction.

The ITU’s goals are universal connectivity with affordable and secure ITC and sustainable digital change to empower people through ITC development.

Lamin Camara, Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Communication and Digital Economy, said the three-day event would help attendees meet industry standards as Africa digitizes.

Consumer feedback, regulatory actions, and operator success decide QoS and QoE, which operators must follow.

He repeated that the Gambian Government split the Information and Communication ministry into two line ministries to capitalize on the digital economy.

Since then, allies have helped the government meet set-aside goals. Operators must spend more and communicate well to reach national goals.

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