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How to put the Google Play Store on an Amazon Fire tablet

Amazon Appstore

You can only get apps for Amazon Fire Tablets from the Amazon Appstore, but they run Fire OS, a modified Android version. You can install Google’s Play Store to access millions of Android apps and games, including Gmail, Chrome, Google Maps, and more. 

The best part about installing the Play Store on your Fire Tablet is that you don’t have to do any “hacking” like rooting or running scripts from a PC. You need to download and install a few APK files from the tablet, and the Play Store will work just like on any other Android phone or tablet. 

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Download the Play Store Files

First, go to the “Home” tab on the home screen and open the “Settings” app.

Go to “Security and Privacy” now.

Choose “Apps from unknown sources.”

Go and locate “Silk Browser,” then activate “Allow From This Source” to turn it on. We can install an app from somewhere other than the Amazon Appstore.

Let’s start retrieving files from the Play Store. We’ll need four APK files specific to your Fire Tablet to get the Play Store up and to run. 

Go to Settings > Device Options > About Fire Tablet to find out what kind of Amazon Fire Tablet you have. Here, you can find the name of your “Device Model.” Go to Settings > Device Options > System Updates to find out what version of Fire OS you have.

If we know the model of the device, we can use the links below to get suitable files. Just copy and paste the links from the tables below into your Amazon Fire tablet’s Silk Browser. Please wait to open the files; we’re still downloading them.

Set up the Play Store. 

Now that all the APK files have been downloaded to your Amazon Fire Tablet, we can install them individually. From the home screen, open the “Files” app.

Choose “Downloads” from the side menu to see the files as a list. You should be able to see the four files that we just got.

Putting these APKs on your phone in a particular order is essential. Follow this process for each APK: Tap the file, then tap “Continue” and “Install.” After it installs, tap “Done.” Wait to open the Play Store. 

Now that all the APKs have been installed, the tablet must be turned back on. Hold down the power button and choose “Restart” from the menu. 


If you have a Fire 7 2022 (12th Gen) 

Before using the Play Store on the Fire 7 2022 (12th Gen) tablet, you must permit it by hand. Tap and hold the Play Store icon, then choose “App Info” from the menu.

On the page about the app, click “Permissions.”

Choose “Phone” and “SMS” and set them both to “Allow.” Now you can move on to the next part of the tutorial.

Log in to the Play Store 

After you’ve done what was said above, go to the home screen and open the Play Store. Sign in with your Google account.

Once you sign in, the Google Play Store will work like any other Android device. Go out and get YouTube, Gmail, and any other app you can’t find in the Amazon Appstore.

If you try to use the Play Store immediately, you might encounter some problems. The Play Store and Google Play Services will update themselves in the background, so give it some time. This could take up to 10 minutes.

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