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Best iPhone Apps for Editing Videos in 2023

iPhone video editing apps

The iPhone video editing apps include most laptop expert editing tools.. This article discusses the top App store downloads.

Considering how well newer iPhones work, these apps will work flawlessly without lag. With these options, video editors can use their iPhones to work in the office, in the park, or anywhere else.

Looking to take your video editing to the next level? Look no further than these top-rated iPhone video editing apps, available for download in 2023. With just a few taps and swipes, you can transform your footage from ordinary to extraordinary, whether you’re a professional videographer or a budding content creator. Don’t settle for mediocre videos – download these apps today and unlock a world of editing possibilities that will help your content stand out from the crowd.

Luma fusion

This app lets you edit videos. LumaTouch is the company that has created it, and you can download it from the App store. It has essential editing tools to help with audio, effects, speed FX, and video editing. This app’s project management features allow users to do various projects for different reasons. The iPhone’s Luma Fusion app lets you edit videos and share them with other users and apps. Users must pay $29 (approx. PHP1,500) to download this app from the App store to their iPhones to use it.

Premier Rush

Adobe Premier Rush is famous among professional video editors who use their phones or tablets. This iPhone video editing apps  has many excellent features that help editors show off their creativity. With different layers, users can make more changes to their videos, such as changing the audio, the speed, the colors, and more. The app is easy to use, and when you’re done editing, you can either share it on social media or save it to your device. People with iPhones can get the Adobe Premier Rush app for free and then pay $9.99(approx. PHP500) monthly for an Adobe Express subscription to use all the cool features.


With the Apple iMovie app, which can be downloaded from the App store, users can make videos that look like professionals made them. This app for editing videos is easy to use as long as you have an iPhone and some creativity. It has many tools and features for editing videos that you can use when working on your iPhone. You can cut clips, add transitions, add ProRAW images, add filters, and add to or change the audio quality of the video you are editing. Once you’re done editing, save the video to your iPhone or share it on whichever social media site you want.


You may have heard of the KineMaster app, and it made our list of the best iPhone video editing apps in 2023. Thousands of iPhone users know this app for its video editing tools. This app has a lot of editing tools, from the most basic to the most professional, and some influencers have found it helpful. They can add audio to their edits, choose from many templates, and even use a green screen with this app. This app is free to download, but users can get more useful features if they pay $79(approx. PHP4,000) per year for the premium app.

Cyberlink Power Director

Last on our list is the video editing app Cyberlink Power Director, which you can get from the App store. This app is more well-known among Windows and Mac users, but iPhone users can also get it and use its many features. Since this app has been downloaded over 130 million times from the App Store, it is changing how video editors work daily. When users download this app for free, they can use a wide range of features to edit their videos. But to get the most out of this app, users must pay for the premium plan, which costs more than $39 (approx. PHP2,000).

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